Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Divine Pursuit

Hello everyone, we'll be studying Jonah for the next several weeks:

The Divine Pursuit

The Divine Pursuit by Nicole Unice
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Have you ever felt stuck
…between God and a hard place?

Have you ever known what

God wanted you to do, but refused to do it?

Have you run from Him, physically,

emotionally or mentally?

Do you wonder why obedience is hard,

resistance is real, and the idea of

being transformed by God doesn’t

come easy?

Take heart. You’ve got a friend in Jonah.

Discover God’s pursuit of you and his purpose for your life in this six-week study of Jonah, The Divine Pursuit.

Author and counselor Nicole Unice invites you to identify the true Nineveh places of your heart: those unexpected (and sometimes unwanted) people and circumstances God calls you to love. In the process, you’ll follow the story of a struggling prophet while recognizing and overcoming your own resistance to change.

Perfect for individual or group study, this workbook includes:

  • A short, daily guided study through the book of Jonah that goes deep but doesn’t take all day
  • An available leader guide with creative and thought-provoking questions and exercises.
  • Web-based video instruction for each week.
  • Access to an on-line group facilitated by Nicole (Jan 2011)

The workbook will also provide:

  • Encouragement for those who wonder if their disappointments, failures or stubbornness
    disqualify them from living a life of freedom and purpose.
  • Understanding of the surprising people and circumstances that God uses to spur on a relationship with Him.
  • An opportunity to understand your own spiritual rhythms by reflecting on Jonah’s choices.

In The Divine Pursuit, you will discover a God who invites you to follow him on a surprising heart journey. Destination? A life of freedom, purpose and passion.